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Fauzmin :

Review by Fauzmin

Body contours represents quality and affordability.My mum was sufferring from Psoriasis and she had visited many clinics in Auckland, spent alot of money and had no results, after coming to Body contours Sandeep assured mum that her Psoriasis could be treated. Now mum and  our family are very happy with the results.






Shaheen :

Review by Shaheen

I had my “Cellulite reduction” done from BodyContours , saw good and faster results.

“I would recommend this clinic to everyone.”







 I was suffering with hyperpigmentation and under eye dark circles , tried many expensive products but It was like throwing money in the well. I had  set of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment s as advised by Sandeep and I could see a complete makeover.

“BodyContours you are best .”

Mr. Mohammad:

Review by Mr Mohammed

My wife was suffering for Psoriasis from the past 16 years. I had spent a lot of money to cure her but in vain. After starting the Psoriasis treatment in Body contours we could see fast and amazing results. .

“It was the right decision to come here.”






Nazreen :

I came for Scar Removal. I had visited most of skin specialist in auckland but had no results .Then I heard about Body contours on Radio. I had my free consultation with Sandeep.On my Ist treatment i saw 50% result.

“I am looking forward for my next  treatment.”

Kamini :

Kamini Reviews

I was suffering with dark spots and uneven skin tone.After going to Bodycontours Sandeep recommended flower peel.Now my skin is more even and the dark spot have dissappeared.

“Thank You Sandeep”






Vicki :

Vicki Reviews

I am highly inspired the way my tummy got in shape .Tried going to gym, was on diet, but nothing worked. I heard aboutBody Contours from a friend. Sandeep recommended Cellulite treatment and also gave me an optional diet plan which really worked.  Moreover, the motivating part is, it is very AFFORDABLE





Leena :

Leena Reviews

I am getting my dysport treatment for my wrinkles from Body contours third time. Sandeep’s specialised nurses mastered in their performance. They gave me the right advise and are very professional.








Rebecca Reviews

Vampire Face lift – I heard quite a lot about this treatment.  So, thought of give it a try.  A MUST DO for all the girls out there who want to look young and slower their aging proces. It has dynamically improved my skin tone. My husband says I look 10years younger.







Elda Reviews

Mommy Makeover – I bought a package deal from Body contour for my Post Natal Treatment. After giving birth to my first child my hairs started falling.My tummy was shapeless and my skin had dark spots and pimples. Now after a month and a half, I can see a big change. Acne has gone, my figure is in shape now and the dark spots have lightened …

Thank You Sandeep




Stella :

Review by StellaI always worried about my box shaped face, never wanted and try anything as the treatments in New Zealand were very expensive. Luckily I found Body contours website and found their prices are very very affordable. I straight away contacted Body contours and their friendly team. Sandeep recommended Dysport Treatment for slimming face. I am happy with the treatment and the way my face look now.

I will surely recommended Body contours to my Friends.



Amit :

Review by Amit ChaddaMy friend introduced me to Body contours When I walked into the clinic I had very severe acne and scaring .Tried everything in Auckland. Including lasers, Peels and Nasty facials nothing worked. I underwent a few scar removal treatments with Sandeep and my face looks much better. Even the deep pitted scars are raised.

A Big Thank You and Body contours.




Kim :

Review by KimI love coming back to Body Contours Sandeep and his friendly team are wonderful ,they make you feel like family .I bought a Groupon voucher for a Med-facial ever since I am a big fan of Body Contours and I keep coming back every month . 








I absolutely love their services and prices .When I walked into the clinic 6 months ago I had no idea wether  my trauma scar could be treated .Sandeep did a few micro needling sessions on me and now I am very happy with the results .A very big thank you .


Review by AmeilMy dress size has gone down from 18 to 16 .Their cellulite treatment really works .After the first two treatments I was not happy with the results but Sandeep assured the treatment really works so I kept doing the treatments .I started noticing a change after the 4th treatment and with a few life style changes I can fit in my 10 years old jeans .Amazing!!!






Review by SivaTo grow my hair back I tried a lot of things like home remedies ,expensive hair oils and shampoos I use to get carried away with the big ads and wasted all my money and time .After completing the hair guide program my hairs starting to get thicker.I am so pleased with the results 







Kenny Ridge:

Review by Kenny I use to sweat like a pig .I did my Botox treatment for Hyperhidrosis .Very confident to face the world now .Their nurse is wonderful and the treatment was done without any pain.

A happy customer 








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