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Scar Removal Treatment

Scars are the result of a reduced level of collagen in the Dermis layer of skin. The collagen fibers which were produced in repairing the wound were set off by the trauma occurring in this middle layer. The collagen formation ceased after the wound had healed but before a cosmetic level of repair was achieved.

Our treatment creates a painless microscopic trauma to the same area of skin, promoting additional collagen growth – which gradually stimulates the skin’s return to a normal composition. The area may still be void of hair follicles and sweat glands, but the skin will be thicker, have less pronounced discolouration and will look considerably better.

What it is effectively doing is renewing or extending the healing process which happens naturally within the skin. This extension of this healing process means that the scar tissue repairs itself to a state which has a look and feel which matches the skin around it. Unlike many other scar removal treatments, no cosmetically noticeable damage is caused to the epidermis and the treatment can be continually carried out without concern for additional cost of repeated and expensive clinical visits.






Clients Review:

Jordan Iuvale

 “I Had deep pits and bad acne scarring. After 3 treatments I was able to see the results and am very satisfied. Thank you very much Body Contour!”

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