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Lunch Time Eye Lift

A non-surgical alternative to eye lid surgery for eye bags & puffy eyes

Bags, puffiness, crêpey skin or dark shadowing under the eyes is a common complaint among many ladies and men as they age. This often makes them look tired and worn out. Eyelid or eye surgery called blepharoplasty is a surgical option to correct this aesthetic problem. For many who are afraid of surgery in this area there may be an effective nonsurgical option to reduce the appearance of the bags, puffiness & lax skin under their eyes.

Body contours Ltd has a tech to make RF energy to penetrate into dermis, the electric energy in turn is transformed into thermal energy, Meanwhile, the inner temperature of tissue increases, so that heated collagen fibers are shrunken immediately and stimulated to accelerate regeneration of collagen protein in a long term. With specially-designed tips, small area like eye can be treated, reaching a result of cantus lifting and crow’s feet removal.


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